Sake: Ditch the Shot Glass, Embrace the Flavor Bomb!

Sake: Ditch the Shot Glass, Embrace the Flavor Bomb!

Sake: Ditch the Shot Glass, Embrace the Flavor Bomb!

Forget everything you think you know about sake – fiery shots and mysterious kanji labels. It's time to bust some myths and dive into the real deal: a flavor explosion and food's best friend!

Sake, the delicate and versatile rice beverage originally from Japan and increasingly from the U.S. (think Tsuki Sake) is often misunderstood. Unlike its boozy cousins vodka, gin or tequila, sake isn't some harsh distilled spirit best enjoyed as a shot or a cocktail. Sake is brewed, using rice, water, some friendly koji mold, and yeast. Sake is best sipped like a nice glass of wine in a wide mouthed glass which allows you to experience the aromas as well as the taste.

*Don't let the word mold scare you, koji is the magic ingredient in some of our favorite flavors like miso, soy sauce, and of course sake!  

But here's the catch: unlike a bottle of whiskey or gin which remains unchanged once open in your liquor cabinet, sake is all about freshness. Think of it like a bouquet of flowers – beautiful and fragrant at first, but eventually, things wilt and even sour. That's why you want to enjoy your sake within a week or two of opening it. 

Here's how to treat your sake right:

  • Think fridge, not pantry: Unopened bottles like the cold, dark (around 50°F) to stay happy.
  • Opened sake? Treat it like wine: Finish it within a week or two, store it in the fridge, and do your best to limit air exposure like you would with an opened wine
  • Temperature is your playground: Ditch the warm-only stereotype! Experiment with chilled, room temperature, and warmed sake to find what tickles your fancy for each bottle.  
  • Food pairing party: Sake loves food! From sushi's delicate notes to grilled meats' bold flavors and the sweetness of desserts, it really is food's best friend.

Remember, freshness is key. So ditch the shot glass, grab a wine glass, and prepare to have your mind (and taste buds) blown by the amazing world of sake. It's an adventure waiting to happen, one delicious sip at a time!



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